Construction and Remodeling in Roche Residential

We would not be living and working here, in the Roche Residential , if we could not guarantee your satisfaction.

Not sure when it comes to construction work? Nervous when it comes to remodeling?

Or maybe you have other concerns such as,

We turn your remodeling into an exciting experience for you.

mantenimiento casas roche
New Construction

We start from scratch together or work with your technical team.

Complete or partial remodeling

If you have just bought a house, or you decide to improve the profitability of renting professionally throughout the year, or you are considering giving your house a new look…

Swimming pools

Integrated into the design of your home and focused on functionality, your swimming pool can be a place for fun and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions in Roche Urbanization

Let me guide you, I can give you security and confidence in the process and add
value. We are your construction company and much more in the Roche Urbanization.

I accompany you in this phase by providing both the knowledge of the Roche market (price according to location, preferences in case of use as housing for tourism purposes (VTC), etc … and technical added value (identification of hidden defects, expert reports on the status of housing, etc). In short, to know what I buy and in what conditions ensuring the best investment.

Is it to enjoy it?

Is it to rent as a holiday home all year round?

Maybe both?

The project and construction management.

Processing the building permit.

Processing the rush and basic supplies.

From the construction of your new home to the complete or partial reform of it.

  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Gardening.
  • Lighting.
  • Interior design and decoration.

I will always be here for you, where I live and work.

Having a person you trust who will watch over and control everything that happens, you will have information about your house at all times and custody of your keys.

And I will also be able to contribute and coordinate:

  • Maintenance.
  • Gardening.
  • Cleaning.

You will have an optimal channel of access to a property management company for tourism purposes that will operate it throughout the year and that from the initial phase will guide you so that you can take advantage of their knowledge and experience and study in detail your future profitability.


New Construction

Building your dream house requires the work and collaboration of various professionals. We are here to make that worry free for you.

We explain you the process, step by step, that we follow to build your house and how you can optimize your time, resources, and money by monitoring each of these steps.

Planning, patience, and a lot of effort

Building a villa is a task above all that requires organization, professionalism, and patience. The steps and procedures occasionally take longer, and that sometimes makes the client impatient, after all everyone wants to see their home finished as soon as possible.

We live in an imperfect world and have to accept the reality that on rare occasions there may be unforeseen delays, through no fault of our own, so we bring this to your attention as to eliminate any worry or anxiety.

Designing a custom home involves meeting with the architect to define general aspects and evaluate options.

The planning to each detail is fundamental before the start of any construction, and sometimes may be extended if it entails changes, modifications, etc. The minimum time for the realization of this part of the project can take up to a two-month period.

Once the design process is complete there is the requirement of submittal for the building permit to the proper authorities. Sometimes difficulties can arise that affect both the design and processing times. This may also take several months therefore the time invested to build any villa ranges between 12-18 months.

Steps to follow in the construction of your chalet or villa

Previous studies

These have to do with the type of land and its location.

In this phase it is necessary to carry out the topographical study, the geotechnical study, and the preliminary project.

In this last one, the different housing options will be evaluated (single-family house, one or several floors, with or without basement, etc.) according to the legality, budget and needs of the client.

Technical Information

Once the general design plan of the house is defined, the Architect writes a Basic Project, which includes the report and the plans guaranteeing the fulfillment of the regulations, and an Executive Project, where the foundations and structure, geometries, facilities, materials, etc. are specified.

Our Construction Company CASAROCHE

We offer you our complete turnkey service to build the villa, providing security, reliability, and quality.

We write the estimate for your approval.

Once the budget is approved, apart from managing the processing of the municipal license, we must get the water and electricity supplied to the site before we can start building.

The control of the execution of the work is carried out day by day by the construction company’s own technical architect, acting as construction manager.

We supervise the work and share daily and weekly progress with the client, to include the latest information technologies, the development of the work.

Completion of work

Our Company will deliver the finished house to you and you will have us at your disposal in Roche Residential  for all those services of maintenance, consultation, etc. that you may need.

Remodeling in Roche Urbanization

Complete and/or partial remodeling

We give a twist to your home to suit you.

The first thing we must do when facing the renovation of your villa is to determine what your needs will be. Make sure you are aware that you are the ones who make the life in your home.

Sit down, relax, and think about how you wish to use your home, what things make you uncomfortable and what you would like to add, etc.

Do you need the help of a professional to advise you on the new project to get the most out of it by controlling the costs from the beginning?

We will help you build a real home, not just a house.

We will inform you if you are complying with the current regulations and if it is feasible to carry out the different actions.

Also, which building permits must be contracted and how to communicate with the Roche Residential Association about your construction work.


We adapt your new needs by adding new spaces.

Porches, solarium and chill-out

A must have

Having them is always great, but even more so when summer arrives, and we can enjoy the shade outdoors at all hours.

Outdoor corners are a real weakness for many, but many others waste this space or do not take advantage of it as much as they could.

There is a world of possibilities as far as exteriors are concerned, we have many alternatives when it comes to improving and making it beautiful.

The wooden porches, with old tiles or beams, are ideal spaces for a cozy well protected area to enjoy the outside even when it rains.

Its style will be defined by the materials used and you should keep in mind to maintain consistency with the rest of the house. If it is a rustic style, you can use cement or wood pillars and mud for paving.

Its roof must have a similar slope to that of the house, since it is an open area that can be seen from the outside and therefore must be in coordination with the rest of the house, that is, it must be treated as appearing original to the rest of the structure.

Also, porches separated from the house.

To locate a summer dining area under the porch gives your meals and suppers with relatives and friends a completely different taste. A comfortable outdoor dining room allows you to enjoy not only the meals and the company, but also the beautiful views.

The porch layout depends on the space available and it is advisable to divide it into zones. Another very interesting idea, whenever it is possible, is to create a comfortable zone for reading and relaxation.

A relaxing and/or reading spot is one of the most pleasant exterior environments that we can create if you have a porch in the house.

A deck chair will allow you to relax and enjoy the sun in one of your favorite corners.

Pool repair

Does your pool need repair?

Sometimes, due to time, poor construction, weather, changes in the terrain and other factors, a pool may need some repairs.

The most common problems we find are water loss, filtrations, fissures or cracks in the walls and/or the bottom, rust on the metals, lime incrustations and water problems.

Bathroom renovation

Make the changes that can give you the best of comfort and relaxation.

There are small renovations as well as very ambitious ones. Because they are all equally important, we offer you our expert advice on setting up spaces, defining styles and creating bathrooms that meet not only your needs but also your lifestyle.

Kitchen remodeling

The heart of your home can be transformed into a primary, functional, and gathering place.

The heart of your home can be transformed into a primary, functional, and gathering place.

Remodeling the kitchen is not an easy task and requires decisions such as choosing the right lighting, the most functional furniture or the decoration that best suits your personality.

Would you like to incorporate a small dining area for breakfast and quick meals, or do you have space for a comfortable dining room? It may be possible to integrate the dining room of the house into the kitchen.

Do you want a kitchen with an island?

Form the kitchen boutique of your choice, or any one of the many the options we could provide you or may even want to consider Ikea as your choice.

Projects and administrative procedures

What building permit do I need for my renovation?

When remodeling a house, it is necessary to handle various administrative processes and procedures to obtain the construction license or permit.

The type of building permit depends on the work to be done and on the requirements established in the City of Conil.

You can count on us to do these tasks legally and safely to avoid penalties.

Also, we will help you with the requirements of the Roche Residential Owners’ Association regarding documentation and payment of the deposit prior to starting the job.

Swimming pools in Roche Urbanization

We would all like to have a pool in our villa.

We all want to enjoy the sun and a relaxing dip in a cool, clear pool on the hot summer days.

Building your very own outdoor swimming pool has many benefits.

It is good for exercising and great for sharing quality time with friends and family.

Adding a pool will increase the value of the house if you ever decide to rent or sell.

Some of the swimming pools we have built at Roche Residential

How do we build pools in Roche Residential?

In Roche, the construction of a swimming pool is considered a major project. You will need the project signed by a Technical Architect and approved by the Town Hall of Conil de La Frontera, to obtain the necessary construction permit. We can do that for you.

Interior of the swimming pool

For the construction of the swimming pool interior, the best option will always be reinforced concrete, it has a greater resistance and guarantees a better conservation. Made up of a foundation slab and reinforced concrete walls.

Water treatment

The treatment of the water of a swimming pool improves its transparency, reduces the presence of microorganisms, and avoids the appearance of algae. If you do not wish to use traditional chlorination for pool maintenance, you can use salt chlorination.

Saltwater chlorination is more expensive but requires less maintenance and is less harmful to the skin and eyes.

Recommended stairs

In the construction, we incorporate a ladder to enter and exit the pool easily, it is also a safer way of entering and exiting.

It is common to have built in stairs since they are integrated into it and usually use the same materials, we call it Roman stairs, typical of Roman thermal baths. This staircase is usually located at one end of the pool and has a straight or rounded shape with 3 or 4 steps, either in the corner or from side to side forming a tier inside the water.

Orientation of the pool

An important issue in Roche is to decide the orientation of the pool. It should be in an area with full sun exposure. If you build the pool in the shade, the water temperature will always be lower and may be cold even in summertime.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the pool is oriented to the south which is farther away from our beloved pines, we live inside a forest of them, to avoid getting the dirt from the trees.

To protect the pool from another of our regular friends in Roche, the east wind, the pool should be in an area of the house where you can maintain minimal affect by this weather phenomenon. The easterly wind will cause the water to evaporate rapidly thus raising its temperature.